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Schweizer im Odenwald

Schweizer im Odenwald
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A german book:

Schweizer im Odenwald (swiss in the Odenwald)

von Werner Heil

NEW July 2017

After the Thirty Years' War, many new settlers from Switzerland came to the depopulated Odenwald. The denominational affiliation and expulsion of people of other faiths played a role, as the author Werner Heil explains in detail. His knowledge of the Swiss surnames and dialects on the one hand and the Odenwälder dialects on the other hand, enabled him, in many cases, the finding of the right names and places of origin, which were often written completely disfigured in the sources of the Odenwald. In the 15 years of his research in Swiss archives he found many families, some of whom came to the Odenwald via several stations. To others he collected crucial information about their origin and hometowns in Switzerland.

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Book review published in the Odenwald-Echo Täufer, Zimmermänner, Bauern.
Book review published in the Brugger General-Anzeiger Geschichte der Ahnen erforscht

To the author

Werner Heil, born in Darmstadt in 1936, grew up in Bad König in the Odenwald, attended the elementary school there and in Michelstadt the Gynasium. After studying electrical engineering at the Technical University of Darmstadt, he worked for the company Brown Boveri & Cie (BBC later ABB) in Switzerland.
After retirement, he studied the ancestors of his family, of which about two dozen had come from Switzerland to the Odenwald.

ISBN 978-3-946295-40-2

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